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Product name: Combo Ice and Water Vending Machine
Model No: RO-300-IW Ice&Water
Product description:
Material:stainless steel (304)
Dimension: 170cm (W)*120cm (D)*225cm (H)
Waterproof steel cabinet,safety, tidy and healthy
Stainless steel vending compartment
Coin-operated, induction IC card, bill acceptor
Intelligent separate coin/coin changer, automatically store coin and give change
Digital vend counter to record the vending situation
Power supply: 380V/220V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Source water: tap water
Water Vending Features:
Dilivery pump flow rate:12L per mimute
Advanced RO purification technology, water quality in accord with the Chinese national standards
9-satge filtration
24 hours uninterrupted UV disinfecton,guaranty the water quality
Convenient to replace filters and easy to maintain
Ice vending features:
Use effivient spray ice film to make ice, automatically supply water, make ice,pack the ice in bag and seal the bag

Water production capacity per day

800 GPD

Water storage tank capacity


Size of filling Bottle

Max. 5-gal bottles


Ice production capacity per day


Ice storage tank capacity


Ice container

Plastic bag or Incubator

Output speed of Ice

1kg/5 sec

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