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Sales Manager: Ms. Yan Au

Mobile/Whatsapp:      +86-13536094749

Email:        yanau@pukui.net

Fax:          +86-750-3723532

Web:         www.vendingmachine.hk

Product name: Alkaline Pure Water Vending Machine
Model No: Alkaline Pure Water
Product description:
  • Powerful water electrolyzer,let ordinary water turn into alkaline water
  • Luxury carbon steel powder coated cabinet,front door design,safety and health,durable,easy installation and maintenance.
  • Advanced reverse osmosis purification technology,night effective water filtration,water meets national standards.
  • Intelligent induction IC cards,coins,paper money,give change,GSM remote monitoring and other selling control technology to meet the needs of different users.
  • Charge by water flow,billing accuracy of 0.01 yuan.
  • Closed filling +High concentratioins of ozone sterilization,pure water is more secure.
  • 24 hours UV disinfection,to prevent secondary pollution.
  • Simple and effect pre-treatment,backwash,easy to be maintained and replaced.

Mode no 200GPD/300GPD/400GPD/600GPD/800GPD
Voltage AC 220V 50Hz/AC 110V 60Hz
Total power 180W/200W/220W/260W/300W
Payment method(optional) IC card/Coin/Bill/Change/Credit Card/GSM
Counting way By pulse
Filtration steps 10uPP-UDF-CTO-RO Booster pump-RO membrance-Post carbon-Mineralization-UV-Ozone
UV power 15W
Ozone 1000mg
Water tank capacity 110L
Filling speed 12L/min
Machine dimension W70cm*D60cm*H185cm

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